Enillwyr Cystadleuaeth Ysgrifennu’r Gaeaf

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Mae wedi bod yn bleser mawr derbyn yr holl geisiadau i Gystadleuaeth Ysgrifennu’r Gaeaf, ac roedd ein beirniaid wrth eu bodd yn darllen yr holl straeon byrion. Ysbrydolwyd llawer o awduron lleol gan thema ‘Traddodiadau’r Gaeaf’.

Enillwyr y gystadleuaeth:

Categori Oedolion:

  1. ‘A Winter’s Day’, gan Maria Jeannette
  2. ‘Donald’s Crackers’, gan David Cook
  3. ‘The Nativision – a brilliant winter tradition’, gan Gaspare Benenati

Categori Dan 18:

  1. ‘Empty House?’, gan Seren Fflur Cawdery
  2. ‘Christmas Catastrophe’, gan Cadi Owen
  3. ‘The True Story of Christmas’, gan Ava Phillips

Stori Seren:

Empty House?

“It’s cold outside” mused the candy floss- coloured marshmallows, sitting in the drink,

“So it is!” replied the armchair, dressed in pink.

“Don’t be silly!” stated the window. “It’s not that cold, I’m half outside, I should know!”

“I’m very cold, thank you very much!” said the offended snow.

They all sighed, tired of this petty conversation,

They were sure they were boring the house population.

“Where’s Darcy?” The door asked, “I’ve been locked for a while!”

“I’m not sure!” the carpet answered through its faded pile.

“I think she’s gone away!” said the weekly planner, sitting on the refrigerator.

“But it’s Christmas!” cried the fenestrated advent calendar.

“Yeah, she’s gone away with family!” The telephone explained “I heard her talking!”

The marshmallows paused, smirking! “Telephone, were you stalking?”

“Marshmallows, stop teasing!” the mantelpiece ordered, his kindly face like stone,

“The reason she’s gone..” the grandfather clock began “is apart from us, she is all alone!”

 By Seren Fflur Cawdery


Stori Maria:

The alarm chimes.

It’s dark outside.

My toes want to hide under the blanket, inside.


A creamy bowl of porridge,

Too hot to taste

Blowing away the steam; no time to waste.


The car is all frosty,

Covered in ice.

If I could stay home, it would be very nice.


Sitting, impatiently, inside the car

Waiting to drive, to go,

Icy patterns melting down the window – so slow!


My journey is full of sparkle and shine

Glistening leaves and twinkling rocks

Winter time paints a picture – a sweet, white chocolate box.


Homeward bound is dark, icy pictures have gone,

The shine has disappeared.

Mind full, to get to the day’s end, I have persevered.


Home, at last, I spy my furry friend

She jumps into my arms

Snuggling  and snuffling for love, using all her feline charms.


Hot curling flames, warm glowing embers

Woodburner playfully blazing.

Warm air rising, eyelids closing, just five minutes escaping


Together we sit, loudly she purrs

The warmth of her love melts my heart

Just five more minutes, I promise, then we must part.


A memory quilt lies resting,

As I remember the beginnings of each piece.

A fur ball curled up on top, together, we share my fleece.


As each winter passes,

Each chilly day

I remember these special moments to brighten up the way.


Outside the ice is reforming,

Jack Frost is dancing around.

Me and my furry feline are tucked up inside – love unbound.


Days are short, nights are long

Woollen blankets and sweaters

Warm at home is where I belong – five stars and better.

Llongyfarchiadau i’r holl enillwyr.

Rhannu’r dudalen hon

Shelves of books.

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